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Randee asked me to write a "bio" of her, for her website....and folks? With tears in my eyes,....I cannot improve upon what God has given us in the form of a great lady named Randee. Her own words in narrative best describes this wonderful lady for you....She loves music....and the Music world loves Randee....(a marriage made in Heaven). I have no audio on my computer,...so I cannot "hear" her music....but, I can know, that as sweet as she is,...and with the amazing accomplishments that she has made during the span of her lifetime,....She has accomplished what most artists never grasp....(The ability to grab you by the heartstrings, with just her words alone). What Our Good Lord will someday gain for His pleasure, will leave a great hole in the chasm of our existences, without her....She is "Not for Sale" (as she adequately puts it)...but, folks? Believe me when I tell you this? This young lady is already a Platinum seller...(and she doesn't even realise it, yet)....Randee's songs will one day be sung by a multitude of people ....and I can take pride in saying,...that I knew her before her name became a household word......Randee,...now I know what you mean, when you say, you find it difficult to write your own bio.....This is equally as difficult for me....Let me just say, folks....that you would be so lucky as to find anyone in this world that even comes halfway close to comparing with the authenticity of this great woman.....I can tell you also,....that when her time comes? I want to be right there by her side,...blowing the trumpet to announce her arrival.....Randee, this may not be the appropriate material you sought to comprise a "bio"....but, it is what I feel from my heart...God Bless Randee Cannon....and God Bless those whose lives have been positively influenced by her.... ----"Dusty" (Country Music Songwriter)& (Randee's Friend)

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